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Mar 17, 2013 12:00am EDT
of sustainable energy and full employment. there are numbers of reports on this topic in this worked on green projects for the u.s. department of energy and the international labor organization and is currently directing a green energy project for the u.n. industrial development organization. bob's talk tonight will be based on his latest book, "back to full employment" and i just want to add a little context here. and that is that the unemployment problem in the u.s. is more serious than it appears from the official government statistics. the main reason why it's official and the reason it unemployment has declined in recent years is the official estimate of the labor force has hardly increased at all since 2008. the population growth has just stopped. but what what is happening is that jobs are so scarce that millions of unemployed workers have given up looking for a job and they are not counted in the official government statistics. if we just as an exercise assume that the labor force over the last several years has grown at a normal rate, then the rate of unemployment would be three or f
Mar 17, 2013 10:00am EDT
, that we could get to the point where we can have higher sustained growth. one would be a patriotic energy and ingenuity and innovation. second, reform our immigration system in the victory something that would depart at the high-growth economic strategy, respecting the rule of law and moving it to where our brand, not tarnish around the world would allow people with high aspirations to become great opportunity for all of us. third, we need stem to stern transformation, real transformation of our education system so more and more children gain the power of knowledge can be successful in life. [applause] we are the most energy abundant country in the world. 10 years ago for 12 years ago were ready to no longer have natural gas. people were building billion-dollar plans to import into our country and it's so much guess we don't want to do with it because of american ingenuity and american technology. a greek immigrant combining two existing technologies, pitchout fracturing and horizontal drilling created the greatest competing with commercialization of the internet. there should be dancing
Mar 16, 2013 8:15pm EDT
to the point where we have higher sustained growth. one would be to create a patriotic energy prop -- based on innovation and north american resources. second, to reform our immigration system and move it towards something that would be part of the high-growth economic strategy true to our heritage respecting the rule of law, but moving it to the 21st century where our brand which is not around the world would allow high high achieving people with great aspirations to come and create opportunities for all of us and then third transformation and not reform anymore but real transformation of our education system so more and more children can gain the power of knowledge and be successful in life. [applause] we are the most energy abundant country in the world. 10 years ago or 12 years ago we were about ready to no longer have natural gas. it was an amazing thing people were building billion-dollar plans to import liquefied natural gas into our country and today we have so much gas we don't know what to do with it. that is because of american ingenuity and technology. a greek immigrant combinin
Mar 17, 2013 1:00pm EDT
, deputy director, worked in different capacities, and i left at a time when i was still having that energy, and that time comes at a different point for different people. there's people who were there for 20-25 years. i couldn't have done that because the clients needed my 100%. when i got to the point where i was about to get burned out, i left before that happened, and i think that's what everyone should do because the clients deserve to have your 100% energy all the time, and i think i -- especially as a director, i was frustrated because as a director, i had to -- you have a budget and i had to go at that time to the city council and sort of make sure that we were well-funded, and that was a different kind of work that i, you know, was frankly, getting a little tired of. there's a lot better to be in the courtroom fight for the client. i left at the right timing and it's now still doing incredibly well. >> host: what would you tell somebody what it's like to be a lawyer in a -- an actual murder case. >> guest: in a murder case what it's like? >> host: what advice? >> guest: what advice
Mar 18, 2013 1:00am EDT
percent energy all the time that the record we had a budget and want to make sure we are well funded and that is a different kind i was getting tired of. i think i left at the right time and it's now incredibly well. >> host: why don't you tell everybody what it's like to be a lawyer in an actual murder case. >> guest: >> host: what advice. >> guest: what advice. >> host: like is it like law and order? >> guest: i have a hard time watching the television shows. it's very intense representing individual when you are based on liberty and that responsibility especially in a murder case is incredible. there was never a time i wasn't a bundle of nerves. i felt sick because i knew if i may animistic it could cost the client. this also incredibly fulfilling. when the jury comes back with a non-guilty vote it's the better sound for me to know i was able to free some one and i felt good about so it's not for everyone. i talked to my students about this all the time and those that are interested in crumble wall kill the one to the prosecutors and someone to the defense attorneys and i encourag
Mar 16, 2013 8:00am EDT
of architectural and botanical beauty curving above the darting energy of the streets and sidewalks below. it, too, is a garden in the machine. .. once adopted the elevated railroad committed new york to expand and fill its shell out to ink in the pencil lines of the grid, the elevator permitted new york city to expand and out of the grid in the direction the city commissioners never described natural slopes in the air, buildings brought people to new elevations. man had remains of island of layers. [applause] >> i went over my time talking too fast. i am sure there is time for a few questions. remember, michael is also here. [inaudible] >> yes. >> my question relates to this. at the new york historical society we have a marble marker that marks fourth avenue in 26 street. when i lead my tours we way this thing out. and i tell them that this is that a particular corner and i believe i got that information from reading something in the last three or four years. could you tell me if you know what corner of these markers were marking or are they in the center of the street. >> they were definitely on
Mar 16, 2013 7:00pm EDT
this kind of ominous amounts of energy that could be spent on, perhaps to my other more fulfilling or intellectual pursuits. what you think is the new feminine mystique, the new problems that don't have a name? >> it's funny that is coming. the giant best seller. if we could just parents like the french and not make the kids and the kings. anyway, i mean, i don't think this is the most important problem, but it is, i do think -- i do think it is a misconception to some extent that the kind of culture means we are sexually liberated. i do think that is a myth. don't think it's the most important thing. >> i think that -- i did a whole book about this interview airing of women. why are you flashing for gross ton while? wire you before -- what you already think it is a responsibility to look desk inky as possible? i think that there is confusion about the difference between -- and i think it is confusion because it is confusing the difference between the new role and being totally sexually liberated, and i think it's confusing and was another issue that was always confusing when you t
Mar 17, 2013 1:40pm EDT
prevailing in the market energy make mortgage credit available to its larger number of borrowers. there is no ambiguity about this issue. it is difficult for fannie and freddie to find prime quality blockages among borrowers at or below the median income, especially when the quota had been raised to 50%. in the mid-1990s, they began to reduce their underwriting standards come accepting 3% down payment spinning to 95 and zero down payments of the year 2000. acceptable barware ficus scores were also reduced. because stan and freddie were dominant players in lurches set standards for the housing market and mortgage market that were underwriting requirements spread throughout the market, not just of those mortgages to qualified for the affordable housing goals. the availability of government support for low-quality mortgages and the easy availability of mortgage credit efficiently increase demand for housing and built an enormous bubble, nine times larger than any previous bubble between eight to 97 and 2007. by 2008, half of all mortgages in this bubble that was 28 million mortgages
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8